Logging for grownups.

Protect your company and infrastructure with the only logging solution built from the ground up for security and audit compliance.

  • NIST compliant encryption-at-rest 
  • SSL encryption end to end
  • GatoCrypt™  encryption of sensitive services
  • GatoShred™ crypto shredding
  • Automatic enforcement of retention policies

Protect your logs

Your logs can leak passwords from badly designed apps, infrastructure details, and expose possible exploits on other boxes to attackers.


Encryption At Rest

Lock your data with NIST approved encryption, using either file based encryption, platform secrets, or your system TPM.


mTLS Enforced SSL

Only allow authorized clients to connect to the logging server through certificate exchange - and prevent network sniffing from peering into your logs through on wire encryption.



Encryption at rest is good - but for the ultimate protection for your logs, enable GatoCrypt™ for some or all services to lock them with strong public key encryption. Perfect for IoT and remote devices.


Loggingato means
no more audit headaches

Are you ready for your next audit?  Prepared for a possible records subpoena for system logs?  Without a solid written and enforced policy things might go from bad to worse.

Default 90 day policy

Encryption at rest

Customizable windows

Automatic data purge

Sensible Annual Licensing

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